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Call for papers

Este call for papers sera de interes también para la región latinoamericana...
Call for papers:

The Oxford Reports on International Law (ORIL) brings together decisions on public international law from international law courts, domestic courts, and ad hoc tribunals, and is the most up-to-date source of international case law available. See http://opil.ouplaw.com/home/oril. We are in the process of creating a new module for the ORIL provisionally entitled Reports on International Trade Law Decisions.  This is the first database to provide expert commentary and analysis of case law of trade-related international dispute settlement systems, focusing on issues relating to public international law. In first instance, the database covers cases decided by, inter alia, the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Body (Panels and the Appellate Body), NAFTA and the Caribbean Court of Justice. So far, over 60 cases have been commissioned to contributors. Decisions of other tribunals, such as those of ASEAN, MERCOSUR and EFTA, are equally targeted. The development of the new module is led by the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies at the University of Leuven, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jan Wouters and Prof. Dr. Geert Van Calster.

We are currently looking for contributors that are experts in the fields of public international law, WTO law, and international trade law who would like to take part in the project. Contributors are asked to draft short case notes (around 1.000 words) on judgments from the abovementioned tribunals, insofar they are significant for public international law. You will of course be credited as the sole author, and each case note will be published in the Oxford Reports on International Law – Reports on International Trade Law Decisions module, to be launched by March 2015. Moreover, you may use case notes as the basis for a subsequent publication provided it is not identical (in which case consent from OUP would need to be asked), and due reference is made to the earlier OUP case note. Additionally, authors of case notes are to be compensated 45 EUR per note from Oxford University Press. In our experience, a case note takes around 2 days’ work.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor and are willing to contribute to this exciting project, please send us a short description of your background and experience, insofar relevant. If you have specific interests or expertise relevant to the project, feel free to suggest to author specific case notes. Please do keep in mind that many WTO cases have already been commissioned for head notes and may no longer be available. Considering the broad scope of this project, feel free to forward this invitation to equally qualified colleagues who may be interested to submit case notes.

Thank you in advance and we are at your disposal should you have additional queries. Please mail to dylan.geraets@law.kuleuven.be

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Jan Wouters and Prof. Dr. Geert Van Calster, Editors
Dylan Geraets and Bregt Natens, Associate Editors

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